TintoStainer Plus Automatic IHC Stainer

The Bio SB TintoStainer Plus is a fully automatic IHC instrument able to deparaffinize, perform antigen retrieval and staining, an in vitro diagnostic medical device suitable for Immunohistochemistry automation in laboratories or hospitals.


  • Three independent slide trays with up to 10 slides for a
    total capacity of 30 slides.
  • Walkaway fully automated staining from deparaffinization
    to counterstaining.
  • Barcoding identification of slides and reagents.
  • Each slide is thermally monitored for precise temperature

Accessories & Consumables

Catalog No.Component
BSB-7450TintoChamber (Pack of 50)
BSB-7451Barcode Printing Labels
BSB-7452Barcode Printing Ink Ribbon
BSB-7453TintoMixing Station Kit
BSB-7454TintoReagent Container 7mL
BSB-7454-LTintoReagent Container 7mL Label
BSB-7457TintoReagent Container 30mL
BSB-7457-LTintoReagent Container 30mL Label
Catalog No.Component
BSB-7458TintoDewaxer, 1L
BSB-7459TintoCitrate, 1L
BSB-7460TintoEDTA, 1L
BSB-7462TintoPolyDetector Plus Detection Kit
BSB-7463TintoAutomation Probe Cleaner Container
BSB-7463-STintoAutomation Probe Solution Set
BSB-7464TintoSlide Tray
BSB-7465TintoReagent Rack

Technical Specifications

Slide Capacity: 30 Slides

Temperature Control: Room Temperature ~ 100°C

Reagent Control Capacity: 7mL and 30mL

Number of Reagent Containers: 36

Bulk Reagent Container Capacity: 2.5L

Hazardous Waste Container Capacity: 2.5L

External Bulk Waste Container Capacity: 18L

Weight: 200Kg

Dimensions(WxDxH): 750 x 800 x 1300mm

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