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Prostate Intraepithelial Neoplasia (PIN) is a precancerous condition of the prostate glands with a high predictive value for adenocarcinoma. An estimated third of men over 50 have a latent form of PIN,which could develop into a higher grade and eventually malignant carcinoma. High Grade (≥2) PIN (HGPIN) has morphological and genetic similarityto prostate adenocarcinomas, and adenocarcinoma presence and multifocality may be associated with the size and number of HGPIN foci. It is well established that the IHC of p63 and CK34BE12 are expressed in basal cells of healthy prostate glands, but mostly absent in adenocarcinoma. AMACR (Alpha-Methylacyl CoA Racemase) is expressed in the glands and has been found to be highly expressed in prostate carcinoma and can help to distinguish PIN, a precursor lesion to Prostatic Adenocarcinoma, from benign lesions.

The Prostate Intraepithelial Neoplasia (PIN) MultiDetector HRP/AP Kit is a Multiplex triple color IHC Kit designed to detect prostate cancer in situ in the prostate glands. The basal cell indicators (myoepithelial cells with p63 stained with HRP DAB Brown and basal cells with CK34BE12 stained with AP/ ALK Scarlet) stain non-affected glands and the AMACR stained with HRP Green shows prostate tissue that may be affected by Prostatic Adenocarcinoma.

PresentationThe PIN MultiDetector HRP/AP Kit contains a p63 (4A4) MMab prediluted antibody, a CK34BE12 (34BE12) MMab and AMACR (13H4) RMab prediluted antibodycocktail, ImmunoRetriever with Citrate heat epitope retrieval solution, Peroxidase Blocker solution, AP Blocker solution, a Mouse MultiDetector HRP Label, a Mouse MultiDetector AP and Rabbit MultiDetector HRP cocktail solution, a DAB Buffer and DAB Chromogen solution, an ALK Scarlet Buffer and Scarlet Chromogen solution, an HRP Green Buffer and Chromogen solution, and a Fast ChromoProtector stain protection solution. All the components are buffered and contain proteins, stabilizers, and a non-azide antimicrobial.
BSB-0352-7PIN MultiDetector (CK 34BE12, p63 & AMACR, 7 ml) AP & HRP (2 x 7 ml) & Chromogens 3 x 1 ml (70 Tests)
BSB-0352-15PIN MultiDetector (CK 34BE12, p63 & AMACR, 15 ml) AP & HRP (2 x 15ml) & Chromogens 3 x 2 ml (150 Tests)
BSB-0352-50PIN MultiDetector (CK 34BE12, p63 & AMACR, 50 ml) AP & HRP (2 x 50 ml) & Chromogens 3 x 6 ml (500 Tests)
ComponentsCatalog No.


7 mL Kit

70 Tests*


15 mL Kit

150 Tests*


50 mL Kit

500 Tests*

20X ImmunoRetriever with Citrate50 mL100 mL200 mL
MultiDetector Peroxidase Blocker15 mL30 mL100 mL
MultiDetector AP Blocker15 mL30 mL100 mL
p63 MMab7 mL15 mL50 mL
CK34BE12 MMab & AMACR RMab7 mL15 mL50 mL
Mouse MultiDetector HRP Label7 mL15 mL50 mL
Mouse MultiDetector AP & Rabbit MultiDetector HRP Label Cocktail7 mL15 mL50 mL
MultiDetector DAB Buffer-Substrate15 mL30 mL100 mL
MultiDetector DAB Chromogen1 mL2 mL6 mL
MultiDetector ALK Scarlet BufferSubstrate15 mL30 mL100 mL
MultiDetector Scarlet Chromogen1 mL2 mL6 mL
MultiDetector HRP Green Buffer Substrate15 mL30 mL100 mL
MultiDetector HRP Green Chromogen1 mL2 mL6 mL
20X ImmunoDNA Washer50 mL100 mL200 mL
Fast ChromoProtector10 mL20 mL50 mL
Control Slides5 Slides10 Slides30 Slides

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