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Intended UseFor In Vitro Diagnostic Use
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HPV infection is commonly found in Squamous Cell Carcinomas (SCC) of the head, neck, and female genital tract. High-risk HPV was found in the lesions of grade 1, 2, and 3 Cervical Intraepithelial Neoplasia (CIN), the precursor to cervical cancer. HPV genome integration causes increased expression of tumor suppressor gene p16, which can correlate roughly to the degree of cervical dysplasia. Colocalized Ki67 and p16 help identify CIN lesions and SCC for proper diagnosis and prevention of under-or over-treatment. p16 overexpression is commonly used to detect squamous and glandular neoplasia in HPV-positive patients. Ki67 is a nuclear cell proliferation marker, applied to diagnose the grade of abnormal cell growth.

The HPV MultiDetector HRP/AP Kit dual stain includes a cocktail of Ki67 and p16 antibodies to form a sensitive and specific test for significant cervical lesions or oral and oropharyngeal SCC. Detection of nuclear Ki67 with DAB chromogen and nuclear and cytoplasmic p16 with ALK Scarlet provides an easy visualization of the colocalized antibodies for efficient diagnosis on biopsies and liquid cytology samples.

PresentationThe HPV MultiDetector HRP/AP Kit contains a predilute rabbit monoclonal Ki67 (RM360) and mouse monoclonal p16 (16P04, JC2) antibody cocktail, ImmunoDNA Retriever with Citrate heat epitope retrieval solution, ImmunoDNA Washer solution, Peroxidase Blocker solution, AP Blocker solution, a predilute Rabbit MultiDetector HRPand Mouse MultiDetector AP Label cocktail solution, a DAB Buffer and DAB Chromogen solution, an ALK Scarlet Buffer and Scarlet Chromogen solution, and a Fast ChromoProtector stain protection solution. All the components are buffered and contain proteins, stabilizers, and a non-azide antimicrobial.
BSB-0354-7HPV MultiDetector HRP/AP kit (p16, & Ki-67, 7 ml) AP & HRP (7 ml) & Chromogens 2 x 1 ml (70 Tests)
BSB-0354-15HPV MultiDetector HRP/AP kit (p16, & Ki-67, 15 ml) AP & HRP (15 ml) & Chromogens 2 x 2 ml (150 Tests)
BSB-0354-50HPV  MultiDetector HRP/AP kit (p16, & Ki-67, 50 ml) AP & HRP (50 ml) & Chromogens 2 x 6 ml (500 Tests)
ComponentsCatalog No.


7 mL Kit

70 Tests*


15 mL Kit

150 Tests*


50 mL Kit

500 Tests*

20X ImmunoRetriever with Citrate50 mL100 mL200 mL
MultiDetector Peroxidase Blocker7 mL15 mL50 mL
MultiDetector AP Blocker7 mL15 mL50 mL
Ki67 RMab & p16 MMab Cocktail7 mL15 mL50 mL
Mouse MultiDetector AP & Rabbit MultiDetector HRP Label Cocktail7 mL15 mL50 mL
MultiDetector DAB Buffer-Substrate7 mL15 mL50 mL
MultiDetector DAB Chromogen1 mL2 mL6 mL
MultiDetector ALK Scarlet Buffer-Substrate7 mL15 mL50 mL
MultiDetector Scarlet Chromogen1 mL2 mL6 mL
20X ImmunoDNA Washer50 mL100 mL200 mL
Fast ChromoProtector10 mL20 mL50 mL
Control Slides: 7-core HPV CLMA5 Slides10 Slides30 Slides

Abbreviated Immunohistochemical Protocol