Ancillaries and Equipment for FISH & CISH

Ancillaries for FISH & CISHFilter Sets for FISH

Ancillaries for FISH & CISH

AB-0001-30Mouse-anti-DIG30 ml
AB-0001-4 Mouse-anti-DIG4 ml
AB-0002-4Anti-Mouse-HRP-Polymer4 ml
AB-0011-4Rabbit-anti-DIG4 ml
AB-0013-4HRP/AP-Polymer-Mix4 ml
AB-0014-4Anti-DIG/DNP-Mix4 ml
BS-0001-4Blocking Solution4 ml
BS-0002ZyBlack Quenching Solution
C-3011-40ZytoDot Wash Buffer Set40
C-3015-100 DAB Solution Set100
C-3038-100 ZytoDot AP-Red Solution Set100
C-3039-100 ZytoDot HRP-Green Solution Set100
CS-0001Mayer’s Hematoxylin Solution
CS-0002-20Nuclear Blue Solution20 ml
CS-0003-20Nuclear Red Solution20 ml
CS-0004Nuclear Green Solution
E-4005-125Fixogum Rubber Cement125 g
E-4005-50Fixogum Rubber Cement50 g
E-4007-2HER2 Control Slide Set1
E-4009-2EGFR Control Slide Set1
E-4023-2EBV, CMV, HSV, and SV40 Control Slide Set1
ES-0001-1000Pepsin Solution1000 ml
ES-0001-4 Pepsin Solution4 ml
ES-0001-50 Pepsin Solution50 ml
ES-0001-8Pepsin Solution Set2 x 4 ml
ES-0002-4 Cytology Pepsin Solution4 ml
ES-0002-50 Cytology Pepsin Solution50 ml
ES-0007-50VisionArray HPV PreCise Master Mix1 ml
MT-0004NEW! Mounting Solution (alcoholic)
MT-0007-0.8New! DAPI/DuraTect Antifade-Solution0.8 ml
MT-0008-0.8New! DAPI/DuraTect Antifade-Solution (Ultra)0.8 ml
PT-0001-1000 Heat Pretreatment Solution Citric2 x 500 ml
PT-0002-500 Heat Pretreatment Solution EDTA500 ml
PT-0006-100Formaldehyde Dilution Buer Set2 x 50ml
WB-0001-500 Wash Buffer SSC500 ml
WB-0002-50 25x Wash Buffer A50 ml
WB-0003-50 20x SSC Solution50 ml
WB-0004-1000PBS/Tween1 tabl.
WB-0005-50 20x Wash Buffer TBS50 ml
WB-0007-500Cytology Stringency Wash Buffer SSC500 ml
WB-0008-500Cytology Wash Buffer SSC500 ml
WB-0010-5005x FlexISH Wash Buffer500mL
Z-2028ZytoLight FISH-Tissue Implementation Kit
Z-2099-20 ZytoLight FISH-Cytology Implementation Kit20
Z-2182FlexISH-Tissue Implementation Kit

Filter Sets for FISH

E-4010-1DAPI/ZyGreen/ZyOrange Triple Bandpass Filter Set1
E-4012-1ZyGreen Single Bandpass Filter Set v21
E-4013-1ZyOrange Single Bandpass Filter Set v21
E-4016-1ZyGreen/ZyOrange Dual Bandpass Filter Set v21
E-4017-1ZyRed Single Bandpass Filter Set v21
E-4026-1ZyBlue Single Bandpass Filter Set v21
E-4027-1ZyGold Single Bandpass Filter Set v21
E-4028-1ZyBlue/ZyGreen/ZyOrange Triple Bandpass Filter Set1