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The Hydrophilic Plus Microscope Slides are novel positively charged hydrophilic slides that prevent tissue detachment after thermal permeabilization and can be used to mount and process IHC, ICC, FISH and CISH samples including those to be subjected to Heat -Induced Epitope Retrieval (HIER) procedures.

Hydrophilic Plus Slides are prepared by covalent coupling of positively charged amino groups directly to the slide surface. The Hydrophilic Plus Microscope Slides carry approximately three-times the number of surface-bound positive charges compared to the other commercially available positively charged slides and, unlike other positively charged slides, display strong hydrophilic nature of its working surface. This results in significantly improved tissue-adhesion characteristics, facilitates uniform/reproducible staining and reduced staining artifacts/background.

Presentation The Hydrophilic Plus Microscope Slides are supplied in boxes of 100 slides
Catalog No. Number per Box
BSB 7028 100
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