VisionArray MYCO Chip – Fast and Reliable Genotyping

The genus Mycobacterium comprises more than 140 species, which, for the purpose of diagnosis and treatment, has been grouped into three categories: M. tuberculosis complex (MTC), M. leprae, and nontuberculous mycobacteria (NTM). In the WHO European region, approximately 300,000 tuberculosis cases have been notified in 2016. The majority of the Mycobacterium species belongs to the NTM group and many of these bacteria cause life-threatening infections in humans. Pulmonary manifestations account for 80-90% of all NTM-associated diseases and the differentiation between tuberculosis pathogens and NTM is essential for diagnosis and treatment. No standard treatment of NTMs exists. Therefore, a clear distinction between the present species is of highest importance.

VisionArray MYCO Chip 1.0

Product Manual MYCO Chip File The VisionArray MYCO Chip 1.0 is intended to be used with a VisionArray Analysis Package for the qualitative detection and identification of PCR amplicons of the genera Mycobacterium, Mycobacteriodes, Mycolicibacillus, Mycolicibacter, and Mycolicibacteriumas well as several additional clinically relevant mycobacterial species that have been produced with the help of the VisionArray MYCO Primer Kit 1.0 or the…


VisionArray Analysis Package MultiScan

Product Manual Short Protocol The VisionArray Analysis Package MultiScan stands for a simple visualization and quick analysis of up to six VisionArray Chips in a single run. The VisionArray Analyzer Software MultiScan can thereby analyze HPV and MYCO specific Chips simultaneously. Only a few minutes will pass from scan to report. CAT.# DESCRIPTION QTY BSB 4070-1 VisionArray Analysis…


VisionArray Uracil-DNA Glycosylase

Product Manual Short Protocol The VisionArray Uracil-DNA (UDG) Glycosylase is an E. coli derived enzyme intended to be used to prevent carry-over contaminations from previous reactions. This is based on the principle of substituting dUTPs for dTTPs during PCR. Therefore the PCR amplificate can be "discriminated" from the initital DNA strand. Incubating the PCR mixture with the UDG…


VisionArray PreCise Taq DNA Polymerase

Product Manual Short Protocol The VisionArray PreCise Taq DNA Polymerase is a high quality heat stable Taq polymerase intended to be used for the specific amplification of a wide range of DNA fragments. The enzyme has hot-start capabilities, reduces false positives, amplifies low-level target sequences, and promotes amplification of a variety of templates. Further on, neccessary…