IHC of Cytokeratin 20 Rabbit Monoclonal on FFPE tissue Colon Cancer metastasis to Lung Tissue (DAB)

IHC of Cytokeratin 20 Rabbit Monoclonal on FFPE Colon Cancer Metastisis to Lung Tissue (DAB)


IHC of S100 Beta Rabbit Monoclonal on FFPE Melanoma Tissue (AEC)


IHC of EpCAM/Ber-EP4 on FFPE Colon Carcinoma Tissue (HRP Green)
  • Non-Biotin, Fab Micropolymer AP or HRP, 1-Step Immunohistochemistry Detection Technology.
  • Fab micro-polymer detection technology allows for better cell penetration to deliver a highly specific and sensitive signal.
  • Ready-to-Use, High Sensitivity System Especially Designed for Immunohistochemistry of Formalin-Fixed or Frozen Tissues.
  • Universal: Detects Mouse or Rabbit Antibodies.
  • It can be used with DAB HRP Brown, AEC HRP Red, HRP Green, HRP Blue and HRP Black Substrate-chromogen for HRP Kits.
  • It can be used with ALK Red, ALK Blue, ALK Magenta, ALK Brown, ALK Scarlet Substrate-chromogens for AP Kits.
  • For in Vitro Diagnostic Use. All kits manufactured according to US FDA and ISO 13485 Guidelines.