IHC of Cytokeratin 34BE12 on FFPE Prostate Tissue (Alk-Blue)


IHC of MSH6 Rabbit Monoclonal on FFPE Colon Tissue (DAB)


IHC of SOX-2 on FFPE Brain Tissue (Alk-Magenta)
  • Biotin-Streptavidin AP or HRP, 2-Step Immunohistochemistry Detection Technology.
  • Ready-to-Use, High Sensitivity System Especially Designed for for Immunohistochemistry of Formalin-Fixed or Frozen Tissues.
  • Universal: Detects Mouse or Rabbit Antibodies.
  • It can be used with DAB HRP Brown, AEC HRP Red, HRP Green, HRP Blue and HRP Black Substrate-chromogen for HRP Kits.
  • It can be used with ALK Red, ALK Blue, ALK Magenta, ALK Brown, ALK Scarlet Substrate-chromogens for AP Kits.
  • For in Vitro Diagnostic Use. All kits manufactured according to US FDA and ISO 13485 Guidelines.