IHC of Cytokeratin 20 Rabbit Monoclonal on FFPE tissue Colon Cancer metastasis to Lung Tissue (DAB)

IHC of Cytokeratin 20 Rabbit Monoclonal on FFPE Colon Cancer Metastisis to Lung Tissue (DAB)


IHC of S100 Beta Rabbit Monoclonal on FFPE Melanoma Tissue (AEC)


IHC of EpCAM/Ber-EP4 on FFPE Melanoma Tissue (HRP Green)

Bio SB substrate-chromogens are highly sensitive chromogens that are optimized for use in immunohistochemistry. Multiplex IHC users can pair Bio SB AP & HRP PolyDetector systems with any combination of AP & HRP substrate-chromogens to detect multiple antigens on a tissue. Ideal for both clinical and research settings.

  • High Sensitivity and Low Background
  • DAB HRP Brown and ALK Magenta Chromogens Supplied as Two Components Kit
  • AEC HRP Red, ALK Blue Supplied as Ready-To-Use Formats
  • For in Vitro Diagnostic Use

Mounting Media