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The Bio SB Automated TintoStainer is an automated solution for anatomic pathology laboratories. Ideal for labs that desire a flexible automated solution that will help minimize sample turnaround time, yet remain cost effective.

  • Available in 36, 48 and 72 slide configurations.
  • Rapid turn around time by processing small batches quickly.
  • Integrated bar-code scanning optimizes lead time and reduces error.


The Bio SB Automated TintoStainer is an open system, which has the ability to use any detection system, reagent, or ancillary from any supplier. Competing automated systems from other vendors are typically more expensive and “closed”, limiting the portfolio of reagents that can be used.

  • Fully open system allows you to control your own costs.
  • Allows the use of antibody, reagent, and detection chemistry from any supplier.


The Bio SB Automated TintoStainer allows you the maximum flexibility to meet your laboratories unique needs. Use any of Bio SB’s validated protocols or you can create your own.

  • Supports IHC, ICC, IF and detection for CISH.
  • Financing and reagent acquisition programs available.
  • Flexible protocol programming. Use our optimized protocols or design your own.
  • Integrate the epitope retrieval system of your choice: TintoRetriever PT Module or Pressure cooker.

Overview & Features

The Bio SB Automated TintoStainer is an automated 36, 48, or 72 slide system for use in Immunohistochemistry (IHC) and Immunocytochemistry (ICC). The TintoStainer is perfect for laboratories that have a need increase work-flow efficiency through automation, yet want to maintain low operating costs. The TintoStainer is a rapid, flexible, open and affordable solution which allows for fast implementation of laboratory protocols while keeping a compact footprint.

The Bio SB Automated TintoStainer features an integrated slide and reagent bar-coding system to ensure that the right reagents and slides are used with a selected protocol, while reducing incidences of user-error.

Systems from competing companies are not only expensive to purchase but are “closed”, limiting the detection systems and antibodies available for use. This leaves laboratories at the mercy of supplier price hikes and a limited catalog of reagents to choose from. The Bio SB Automated TintoStainer is an open system which allows for the implementation of any ancillary, antibody, detection system, or chromogen from any supplier.

To ensure successful integration into your laboratory, the Bio SB Automated TintoStainer comes bundled with Bio SB ancillaries, Tinto prediluted antibodies, and detection kits. Additionally, the TintoStainer comes with complete setup, support, repair, and training for 1 year so that laboratories feel confident that the TintoStainer is always up and running.

  • Completely automated solution for molecular pathology labs interested in IHC and ICC.
  • Integrated digital bar code scanner and printer for slide and reagent labeling.
  • User-specified flexible programmable protocol interface.
  • Includes TintoRetriever Pressure Cooker.
  • Supports IHC and ICC laboratory protocols.
  • Open system…use any reagent, antibody or detection system.
  • Dispense as little as 100 ul per slide.
  • Optional TintoRetriever PT Module.
  • Complete with Setup, Service, Support, Training, and Repair.
  • 1 year preventative maintenance included.

TintoStainer in the Lab

Reagent and Slide Barcode Labeling and Scanning System

The Bio SB Automated TintoStainer comes equipped with a barcode scanner for scanning both labelled slides and reagents. The barcode scanning system processes up to 36 slides in under 3 minutes, ensuring rapid protocol implementation. This allows users to both effectively track reagents and quickly run experiments. All labels are printed directly from the TintoStainer and are HIER and Xylene resistant. All reagent and slide barcodes are uniquely generated, reducing user error.


Precise Reagent Application

The Bio SB Automated TintoStainer can control how much reagent you want dispensed on every slide. Now laboratories can have complete control over how much reagent is used per slide and customize protocols according to individual needs.

TintoStainer Probe & Slides

TintoStainer Components

TintoStainer ComponentsTintoStainer

A. TintoStainer System      B. Slide Barcode Printer      C. Computer Unit

D. Reagent Barcode Printer      E. 12 Slide Rack      F. Reagent 12mL Vial

TintoStainer Equipment & Catalog Numbers

Automated InstrumentsTintoStainer Labels and Printers
BSB 7029TintoStainer 36 (110V)BSB 7059Reagent Barcode Label Kit
BSB 7032TintoStainer 36 (240V)BSB 7060Flap Slide Label Kit, 3000 Labels and Ribbon Set
BSB 7051TintoStainer 48 (110V)BSB 7061No Flap Slide Label, 3200 Labels and Ribbon Set
BSB 7074TintoStainer 48 (240V)BSB 7062Label Printer with Cable, 220V
BSB 7052TintoStainer 72 (110V)BSB 7087Label Printer with Cable, 110V
BSB 7053TintoStainer 72 (240V)TintoStainer Accessories
Epitope RetrievalBSB 7063DAB-Away Kit
BSB 7030TintoRetriever PT Module (110V)BSB 7065Autostainer Slide Rack
BSB 7033TintoRetriever PT Module (240V)BSB 7067Waste Tubing
BSB 7008TintoRetriever Pressure CookerBSB 7068Buffer In-line Tubing
TintoStainer Vials and ReagentsBSB 7070Reagent Rack
BSB 705412ml Barcode Vials (100 vials)BSB 7071Buffer Bottle
BSB 7056Reagent Tray for TintoStainer 48BSB 7072Carboy for Waste/Buffer
BSB 70572nd Reagent Tray for TintoStainer 72BSB 7073Carboy Lid
BSB 7058Tray for 40 Autostainer vials