Cost Effective Heat Induced Epitope Retrieval (HIER) System

The Bio SB TintoRetriever Pressure Cooker allows users to perform heat induced epitope retrieval (HIER) without the use of a less-reliable microwave oven or water bath.

TintoRetriever Pressure Cooker Overview & Features

The Bio SB TintoRetriever Pressure Cooker for Heat Induced Epitope Retrieval (HIER) is a precision-controlled heat source capable of maintaining a constant and reliable temperature while minimizing the potential for evaporation of the working solution. The Bio SB TintoRetriever Pressure Cooker can be used for a variety of molecular pathology applications including IHC, FISH, and CISH.

Most formalin-fixed tissues require an antigen or nucleic acid retrieval step prior to any immunochemical staining. The retrieval process breaks some of the methylene bridges that crosslink proteins in formalin fixed tissues and allow antibodies or RNA/DNA probes to bind to unmasked epitopes or nucleic acids. Heat induced epitope or nucleic acid retrieval are most often performed using a conventional microwave oven or water bath. The Bio SB TintoRetriever Pressure Cooker is a solution for laboratories looking for a comprehensive, effective, and reliable heat epitope or nucleic acid retrieval system.

  • Low operational reagent use.
  • Low Reagent Use
  • Fast & uniform epitope retrieval.
  • Holds 96 Slides per Run
  • Cost effective and efficient heat induced epitope retrieval (HIER) Solution
  • Use in IHC & ISH Applications
  • Multiple Temperature Settings
  • Built in temperature gauge for validation.
  • Bundled with Bio SB ancillaries.

TintoRetriever Pressure Cooker Catalog Numbers

Catalog No.Component
BSB-7087TintoRetriever Pressure Cooker
BSB 7086Staining Dish Support
BSB 7009Plastic Staining Dish
BSB 7010SlideHolder (24 Slides)
BSB 7005TintoRetriever Slide Thermometers
BSB 7075Sealing Ring
BSB 7076Pressure Release Valve
BSB 7077Cooking Pot
BSB 7078Rubber Grommet
BSB 7079Condensation Collector
BSB 7080Power Cord
BSB 7082Lid
BSB 7083Valve Gasket

TintoRetriever Pressure Cooker Temperature Settings

Temperature SettingTemperature Range
60°C51°C – 64°C
80°C72°C – 84°C
90°C85°C – 95°C
100°C95°C – 105°C
110°C105°C – 115°C
115°C110°C – 120°C

TintoRetriever Pressure Cooker Components

1Pressure Release Valve
2Lid Handle
3Pressure Cooker Lid
4Pressure Cooker Chamber
5Upper Ring
7Heating Plate
8Unit Base
9Control Panel
10Sealing Ring
11Sealing Ring Support
12Supporting Cap for Sealing Ring
13Condensation Collector
14Float Valve
15Analog Thermometer

TintoRetriever Pressure Cooker Frequently Asked Questions:

Q: Do I need to put a lid on a coplin jar or on a staining dish upon placing it inside the pressure cooker chamber? 

A: No, do not cover, or seal, a coplin jar, staining dish or any other container when placing them inside the pressure cooker chamber. This can damage tissue samples, and will affect the performance of the unit. 

Q: Should I cool down the pressure cooker with cold water?

A: No, please do not immerse or apply excess liquid to the outside of the TintoRetriever Pressure Cooker. This is a modern type of a pressure cooker which has circuit boards and a power connection. It can be damaged or cause electrical shock to the user if submerged in water.

The best way to cool down the TintoRetriever Pressure Cooker is to follow these steps:

  • Release the pressure 
  • Open the lid and put it aside 
  • Take out a staining dish with slides and let it rest for about 15 min. on the benchtop.  

Q: Why is a trivet included with the TintoRetriever Pressure Cooker?

A: A metal trivet can be used to raise the plastic staining dish off the bottom of the Pressure Cooker. A plastic staining dish in contact with the bottom of the cooker during use, can melt the staining dish. Please put a staining dish on the rack and fill the chamber with 4 cups of the DI water. 

Q: My lab is located at a high elevation (ex: Colorado), will this affect the TintoRetriever Pressure Cooker’s performance?

A: Elevation should not affect the TintoRetriever Pressure Cooker’s performance. The only difference a user might notice is that the pressure will build at slightly lower temperature because of the altitude. For example, the standard is when the pressure cooker reaches ~120C. At altitude the same pressure might be reached at ~114C. 

Typical signs of malfunction are when:

  • The red indicator never pops up 
  • Timer never starts the countdown 
  • A user sees the steam is going out when a pressure cooker is in operation mode. 

Q: Can I fill the pressure cooker chamber with just tap water? 

A: We recommend using DI water in order to avoid any mineral build up or rust inside the chamber lid, which can be caused by tap water. One time use of tap water will not affect the performance of the pressure cooker. However, routine use with tap water will run the risk of rust or mineral build up.

TintoRetriever Pressure Cooker Technical Parameters

Rated Power: 1000W

Rated Voltage: 110-220V 50-60Hz

Rated Capacity: 6L of Fluid or 96 Slides

Working Pressure: 0-60Kpa

Limited Pressure: 80Kpa

Dimensions: 320mm x 320mm x 340mm (W x D x H)

Weight: 12.6 lb (5.7 Kg)