aurora b, anti-aurora b, aurora b kinase

Aurora B Antibody Immunohistochemistry on an FFPE Lung Adenocarcinoma Tissue

Intended UseFor In Vitro Diagnostic Use
Summary and Explanation

Aurora B kinase, a 39.3 kDa sized serine-threonine kinase, is a member of the Aurora family of mitotic kinases. The enzymatic activity of Aurora B kinase prevents stable kinetochore-microtubule attachments in early mitosis and promotes stabilization of the attachments in later mitosis due to low activity. The gene for Aurora B kinase (AURKB) is located on chromosome 17p13.1.

Abnormal expression of Aurora B antibody has been found in many cancer types, such as Non-Small Cell Lung Carcinoma, Mesothelioma, Glioblastoma, Oral Cancer and Hepatocellular Carcinoma. In Prostate and Colorectal Cancer, Aurora B expression directly correlates with the progression of cancer. In a study investigating the expression of Aurora B kinase in Thyroid Carcinoma, abundant expression of Aurora B kinase was detected in Anaplastic Carcinomas via IHC. A higher expression of Aurora B kinase in Anaplastic Thyroid Cancer than in differentiated Thyroid Cancer therefore suggests its use as a prognostic marker. In another immunohistochemical analysis, Aurora B antibody showed nuclear overexpression in high Gleason-grade Prostate Cancer, compared to low and intermediate grade cases. Additionally, there are numerous studies that indicate the use of Aurora B kinase as a prognostic marker in Ovarian Cancer. A study found that Aurora-B expression was correlated with the proliferation index (P < 0.001) and p53 expression (P = 0.014) in Breast cancer tissues and its expression was associated with lymph node metastasis (P = 0.002) and histological grade (P = 0.001). In conclusion, elevated Aurora-B expression in Breast Cancer patients contributes to chemoresistance and predicts poor prognosis.

Antibody TypeRabbit MonoclonalCloneRM278
IsotypeIgGReactivityParaffin, Frozen
LocalizationCytoplasmic, NuclearControlTonsil, Colon, Stomach, Skin, Transitional Cell Carcinoma, T Cell Lymphoblastic Lymphoma
PresentationAnti-Aurora B is a rabbit monoclonal antibody derived from cell culture supernatant that is concentrated, dialyzed, filter sterilized and diluted in buffer pH 7.5, containing BSA and sodium azide as a preservative.
Catalog No.Antibody TypeDilutionVolume/QTY
BSB-3712-3PredilutedReady-To-Use3.0 ml
BSB-3712-7PredilutedReady-To-Use7.0 ml
BSB-3712-15PredilutedReady-To-Use15.0 ml
BSB-3712-01Concentrated1:50-1:2000.1 ml
BSB-3712-05Concentrated1:50-1:2000.5 ml
BSB-3712-1Concentrated1:50-1:2001.0 ml
BSB-9023-CSControl Slides5
Note: For concentrated antibodies, please centrifuge prior to use to ensure recovery of all product.
Synonyms: aurora b, anti-aurora b, aurora b kinase