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NSH Podcast: Automated 5 Minute Mohs IHC This podcast is part of the 2017 NSH Symposium/Convention Poster Podcast Series MP3
Automated 5 Minute Mohs IHC Reporting the use of a highly sensitive monovalent Fab anti‐mouse and anti‐rabbit micropolymer IHC detection system for the detection of antibodies for melanoma, MART‐1, SOX‐10, BCC and SCC using a compact automated IHC stainer PDF
Solvent Free Environmentally Friendly IHC Reporting the use of a new generation of heat assisted 3-in-1 one-step deparaffinization, retrieval and hydration solutions and their protocols PDF
ALK/EML4 Tricheck FISH Validation of a simplified approach to detect ALK translocations in lung cancer samples by FISH PDF
Cyclin D1 Cyclin D1 Reactivity on Hairy Cell Leukemia PDF
PolyDetector Kit Differential gene expression between skin and cervix induced by the E7 oncoprotein in a transgenic mouse model PDF
VEGF Receptor Type II Olmesartan Potentiates the Anti-Angiogenic Effect of Sorafenib in Mice Bearing Ehrlich’s Ascites Carcinoma: Role of Angiotensin PDF
RBT-HER2, PolyDetector HRP System Clinical relevance of ErbB-2/HER2 nuclear expression in breast cancer PDF
EDTA Solution Lipoprotein Lipase (LPL) is Associated with Neurite Pathology and Its Levels Are Markedly Reduced in the Dentate Gyrus of Alzheimer’s Disease Brains PDF
ImmunoDetector Peroxidase Blocker In vivo dual targeting of the oncogenic Ether-à-go-go-1 potassium channel by calcitriol and astemizole results in enhanced antineoplastic effects in breast tumors PDF
Mast Cell Tryptase Comparison of Mast Cells and Inflammatory Cells within Periapical Lesions and Comparison of Degranulated Mast Cells Between Fibrous and Inflamed Area in Radicular Cysts PDF
Immuno/DNA Retriever Dual Inhibition of VEGFR and EGFR is an Effective Chemopreventive Strategy in the Mouse 4-NQO Model of Oral Carcinogenesis PDF
Anti-AR – MMAb The prognostic significance of loss of the androgen receptor and neuroendocrine differentiation in prostate biopsy specimens among castration-resistant prostate cancer patients – Molecular and Clinical Oncology PDF
Immuno-Block Reagent Sitagliptin protects rat kidneys from acute ischemia-reperfusion injury via upregulation of GLP-1 and GLP-1 receptors – APS PDF
ImmunoDetector HRP/DAB Kit Phase II trial of temsirolimus in patients with metastatic breast cancer – HHS Public Access.pdf PDF
Calponin – MMab Myoepithelioma breast- clinically masquerading as breast carcinoma – Medical College – Allahabad, India PDF
Immuno-Block Reagent Mixed serum-deprived and normal adipose-derived mesenchymal stem cells against acute lung ischemia-reperfusion injury in rats – American Jounral of Translational Research PDF
Antigen Unmasking Solution Histomorphometric and immunohistochemical analysis of infectious agents – Diagnostic Pathology PDF
Mouse/Rabbit Polydetector HRP/DAB Detection System Foretinib inhibits angiogenesis, lymphangiogenesis and tumor growth of pancreatic cancer in vivo by decreasing VEGFR-2/3 and TIE-2 signaling – Oncotarget PDF
ImmunoBlock Reagent Extracorporeal shock wave therapy ameliorates cyclophosphamide induced rat acute interstitial cystitis – American Journal of Tranlastional Research PDF
CD31 – MMab Extracorporeal shock wave attenuates brain infarct volume – improves neurological function in rat after acute ischemic stroke – American Journal of Translational Medicine PDF
Real-Time PCR Avian Influenza & Newcastle Disease in Libya PDF
CD20 & Cyclin D1 Well-differentiated (Marschalko-type) Plasmacytoma Resembling Thyroid Follicular Structures PDF
anti-CD1a & anti-Factor XIIIa A Cross-Sectional Study in Chronic Periodontitis PDF
Bio SB ImmunoDetector, Digital Pressure Cooker, Mouse/Rabbit Immunodetector HRP/DAB, Toxoplasma gondii, Toxoplasma gondii positive control slides Prevalence of Toxoplasma gondii Infection in Brain and Heart PDF
ImmunoBlock Reagent & CD31 Peripheral blood-derived endothelial progenitor cell therapy prevented detrioriation of chronic kidney disease in rats PDF
Bio SB ImmunoDetector Nuclear Expression of Rac1 in Cervical Premalignant Lesions and Cervical Cancer Cells PDF
Bio SB ImmunoRetriever Neuroendocrine Cells are Present in the Domestic Fowl Ovary PDF
Bio SB Mouse/Rabbit PolyDetector Combination of cilostazol and clopidogrel Attenuates Rat Critical Limb Ischemia PDF
Background Blocker, immune-Detector Biotin-Link and Immuno-Detector HRP label Chronic Excersise Increases Brain Derived Factor Levels, Pancreatic Islet Size and Insulin Tolerance in a TrkB-dependent manner PDF
immune-Detector Biotin-Link and Immuno-Detector HRP label A Novel Approach for Breast Cancer Therapy PDF
ImmunoBlock Reagent Mesenchymal Stem Cell Therapy Protects Against Lung and Kidney Injury Sepsis Syndrome PDF
Chromogranin A A Unique Case of Merkel Cell Carcinoma with Ovarian Metastasis PDF
Real-Time PCR Real-Time PCR Primer Systems for Rapid Detection of Human Viruses PDF
Real-Time PCR Real-Time PCR Primer Systems for E.Coli PDF
PCR PCR Kits for HIV-2 Infections PDF
Bio SB Mouse/Rabbit PolyDetector Biotin-free systems provide stronger immunohistochemical signal in oestrogen receptor evaluation of breast cancer Journal of Clinical Pathology
ALK/EML4 Tricheck EML4-ALK testing in non-small cell carcinomas of the lung: a review with recommendations PubMed
ALK/EML4 Tricheck Amplification but not translocation of anaplastic lymphoma kinase is a frequent event in oesophageal cancer PubMed
ALK/EML4 Tricheck Epidemiology of EML4–ALK translocations in a small, German non-small-cell lung cancer patient cohort FutureMedicine
ALK/EML4 Tricheck ALK gene translocations and amplifications in brain metastases of non-small cell lung cancer. PubMed
ALK/EML4 Tricheck vs Abbott Vysis ALK ALK/EML4 confirms positive results in anaplastic lymphoma cases Abstract PDF
Hydrophilic Plus Slides See how Bio SB Hydrophilic Plus Slides prevent tissue detachment PDF
hTERT on Prostate Cancer Human telomerase and α-methylacyl-coenzyme A racemase in prostatic carcinoma. A comparative immunohistochemical study PDF
CD34, PCNA & hTERT on Pituitary Study of the telomerase hTERT fraction, PCNA and CD34 expression on pituitary adenomas. Association with clinical and demographic characteristics. Journal of Neuro-Oncology
Topo IIα, MCM2 & p16 on Cervix Immunohistochemical Expression of p16, MCM2, Topo IIα and MCM2/Topo IIα cocktail in Cervical Squamous Intraepithelial Lesions Modern Pathology