The Liferiver™ EX2400/EX4800 Automated Nucleic Acid Extraction System adopts the advanced magnetic bead isolation technology. Woking with the corresponding RNA/DNA Isolation Kit, it can extract high-purity nucleic acid from various samples, such as whole blood, serum, plasma, feces, milk and cells. The instrument is well-designed and easy to operate. It is timesaving, laboreconomizing, and always can provide consistent and high-efficiency results. EX2400/EX4800 is particularly suited to the nucleic acid extraction in genome research, molecular biology research and clinical genetic testing.OPERATING PRINCIPLE
Using the magnetic bead isolation technology, the instrument can extract the whole nucleic acid from the sample by the collection, release, diversion of the magnetic bead based on the movement between the magnetic bar and magnetic cap.See the main steps in the process of nucleic acid extraction:
  1. Adsorption:
    Add magnetic bead into sample binging solution, vibrate and blend adequately. The released nucleic acid will be adsorbed on the surface of magnetic bead.
  2. Washing:
    Collect and transfer the magnetic bead in the first procedure into washing buffer, wash repeatedly to eliminate the impurity.
  3. Elution:
    Transfer the magnetic bead into elution buffer, after vibrating and blending adequately, target nucleic acid will drop from the surface of the magnetic bead and dissolve into the elution buffer.

Characteristics- Automation & High Throughput
Automated nucleic acid purification, without tedious repeated centrifugation, it can process 24/48 samples one time.

One Button Operation
Built-in standard procedures, one-button operation. EX4800 is specially designed with dual independent module; the modules can operate independently, which can greatly improve the work efficiency.

Safe and Reliable
Enclosed extraction and disposable supplies can reduce the risk of the harm to the operator caused by chemicals and pathogenic microorganisms.

Stable Result
Automation can avoid errors caused by manual operation, so the results will be more stable.

Fast Extraction
Extract 1-48 samlpes one time, totally about 30 minutes.

Pollution Control
Built-in UV lamp makes it easy to clear the nucleic acid which may exist in the extraction enviroment.

IE-0001 EX-2400 Automated Nucleic Acid Extraction System 1
IE-0002 EX-4800 Automated Nucleic Acid Extraction System 1
ME-0001 RNA Isolation Kit 50
ME-0010 RNA Isotlation Kit (Paramagnetic Beads Column Method) 50
ME-0013 Whole Blood Genomic DNA Isolation Kit 50
COMPARISON OF EX-2400 vs EX-4800
Product Name EX-2400 Automated EX-4800 Automated
Cat. # IE-0001 IE-0002
Sample Volume 20-200μl 20-200μl
Sample Quantity 24 units/time 48 unites/time
CMOD 1 2
Sample Handling Time 20-40 min 20-40 min
Magnetic Bead Collection efficiency 99% 99%
96 Well Plate 2 4
Magnetic Bar 24 48
Magnetic Cap (disposable) 2 strips (12 well/strip) 4 strips (12 well/strip)
Keypad Start/STop/Direction Start/STop/Direction
Monitor LCD (text display) LCD (text display)
UV lamp available available
Boundary Dimension 45 x 38 x 43cm 95 x 38 x 40cm
Net Weight 20kg 44kg
Operation Condition Room Temperature Room Temperature
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